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It's Alive

It's Alive 


group exhibition with Jenn Pearson, Wendy Oakman, Nicole Dumas 

The Fifty Fifty Arts Collective, Victoria, BC

Exhibition text: In recent past, a leading corporation in the colour industry declared “greenery” to be the colour of the year— stating its importance as a symbol of optimism— yet we wonder what else hides within this omnipresent hue? Behind the abundance of luscious moss, lively plants, and majestic trees, the green-eyed monster still lurks.


The Plot, 5 min video, in collaboration with Rianne Svelnis

At the top of Mountain View Cemetery the scene never disappoints; it is picturesque, distant and untouchable. In this video, Lee and Svelnis contemplate the gentrification of their childhood neighbourhood Little Mountain, in Vancouver, BC. In 2007, the Little Mountain Housing Project was sold to private developers, The Holborn Group. For over sixty years, this successful low-income housing complex was home to a strong community. Despite opposition, the site was demolished and never rebuilt as promised by the private developers. This is a far too common story within the Vancouver housing crisis. And now in 2018, the still empty lot is a wild field and a headstone to a Main Street no longer familiar. As a poetic reminder of our eventual return to the earth, we offer flowers to the dead.

The flower bodysuit was also recently repurposed for a new work, Dreaming of Koi, co-created by Ziyian Kwan, Rianne Svelnis and Kage, with Junjie Wang and Juolin Lee, produced by Dumb Instrument Dance.  

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