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Filled Pauses

Filled Pauses, group show with Jenn Pearson and Vivienne Bessette at dreams comma delta (see exhibition map and text here)

August 2022

Works included are: 

Gleaner's Outfit 2021-22

chinese jacket gifted from another mother, vintage fabric from a basement

Free-Shelf Divination Cards 2022

photos of free shelf items since 2019 

Plantain sieve 1 and Raspberry sieve 2 2022

plantain stalks, raspberry stems, pulped to do lists

Fifth Chimes a Charm (collaboration with Jenn Pearson) 2022

three pronged dandelion, bubble wand, plastic handle, rusty washer, bamboo, lampshade decor, bent metal, ribbon, iris root, lichen, broken plastic, string, paper pulp, fake leaf, flattened pine cone, netting, bottle cap, nut, magnolia seed heads, perler beads, moss, fishing lure, plastic netting, plastic fish vessel, wire, rope, daffodil, a gifted plastic flower, orange string, dried fig

Samples of Place: Leftover Delicacies 2022

spools, oven element cover, old paper pulp paintings various unknown ingredients, smoke bush, rose, delphinium, alley campanula, zinnia, calendula, rhodo, pine sap, ginger, wrapping paper, banana leaf, cypress, cones, artichoke, peony, tax papers, natural disasters textbook, article about light therapy



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