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group exhibition with Derian Blake, Danielle Fobier, Juan Cisneros, Bryce Duyvewaardt, Stephanie Gagne, Simon Grefiel, Odessa Harrison, Samantha Harrison, Kimberley Howie, Pippa Lattey, Jenn Pearson, Christian Vistan

Concourse Gallery, Emily Carr University of Art + Design 


FENCE EVENT evolved out of the Helen for now curatorial project in Fall 2015.

Exhibition Text: As a speculation on what collaborative action is or could be like, FENCE EVENT takes up the ideas of a collective acting together as a whole on one hand, and on the other, a collaborative acting and intervening in response to one another’s actions. How do we break down or challenge constructed space? What sort of world would we like to live in? What ground can we give back? An invitation into the unknown.

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