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But where are you FROM FROM?

But where are you FROM FROM?


video collage made for EastVan Digital Stories 

Videographer: Jenn Pearson 

Mentors: Sebnem Ozpeta and Lorna Boschman

Playing on the east side of the Rize building at Kingsway and Broadway in Vancouver, BC​

​I grew up in Vancouver and now live in Mount Pleasant. This short story focuses on a walk towards China Creek North Park. The park was once a critical point of convergence for many streams flowing into False Creek.

I carry a small bundle of bamboo, a stereotypical symbol of “Chineseness”. I drag the bundle behind me, sweeping across the neighbourhood as I walk. My disconnected understanding of my heritage is the lens through which I understand place. This story is at the same time about being and living in Mount Pleasant and also yearning to be connected to another place.

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