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B is for Banana, C is for Chips

B Is for Banana, C is for Chips



group exhibition with Pippa Lattey and Josef Carhoun

Tag Contemporary, Emily Carr University of Art + Design

Exhibition text: There is an ever increasing complexity to the moralities of the food we eat. Foods are marketed as snacks, super foods, junk foods, organic and GMO. The food we consume implicates us, and assigns value to us as citizens and as human beings. There are enormous pressures to adhere to ideal standards of beauty, as well as environmental responsibility. The simple identification of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in foods negate the realities of differences in body types, economic and social statuses, and cultural differences.

The act of painting the chips carefully and thoughtfully signifies a sense of discipline and ambition. While the viewer samples the bowl of chips they can contemplate on the action of eating them and how there might be an implied symbol of laziness. This installation pushes one to question how accurate these qualities are in describing their consumers.

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